25th August, 2011

I’m great, average and small.

I’m great, average and small.

24th August, 2011

3rd January, 2011

It’s kinda sad saying bye to my current pair of running shoes that’s still in usable condition. Afterall I’ve ran more than 300km or so with it. But oh well I’m gonna donate it for a good cause. :) Hopefully new shoes will be a motivation for me to get on the treadmill that’s collecting dust in my house. Too bad the red colour one was out of stock. :(

31st December, 2010

Bye 2010!

Bye 2010!

Happy 2011!

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The last time I blogged was like… ages ago! XD

Thanks to each and everyone of you who went all the way to airport to send me off today. Thank you for all the outings,messages, the farewell gifts, surprises,the lovely handmade cards, letters and notes. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate what you have done. :) Many <3

Like my little girl Yanying said, it feels like I’m going for good though it’ll only be a few months, or not even that long? HAHA. It only shows I’m so fortunate to have such awesome friends around! :D

2010 will be one of those years I’d never forget. A memorable year with so many ‘first times’, sad ones, happy ones, exciting ones,unexpected ones, etc. oh well shall not list them here and keep them to myself. :) And I’m so glad there’re so many loved ones who are always there to share joy as well as going through tough times together with me. There’re regrets as well and I know it’s gonna affect the next chapters of my life. Still, I hope 2011 will not be as bad as I expect it to be!

And I’m home finally, after 1 year! It’s funny how my grandmother said I haven’t changed much after 5 years studying in S’pore, oh well except for my skin tone. :/

HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D May everything in life be better for everyone for the new year. More happiness, more love, more laughter, more adventures. :) <3

19th August, 2010

Cause when I’m kissing you
My senses come alive
Almost like the puzzle piece
I’ve been trying to find
Falls right into place
You’re all that it takes
My doubts fade away
When I’m kissing you

When I’m kissing you
It all starts making sense
And all the questions
I’ve been asking in my head
Like are you the one should I really trust
Crystal clear it becomes
When I’m kissing you

26th June, 2010

I don’t understand how you can smile all day long but cry yourself to sleep at night. How pictures never change but the people in them do. How your best friend can become your worst enemy, or how strange it is when your worst enemy turns into your best friend. How forever turns into a few short months that you’d do almost anything to get back. How you can let go of something you once said you couldn’t live without. How even though you know something is best for you, it just hurts the same. How the people who once wanted to spend every second with you, think a few minutes of their time is too much to spare. How people make promises despite knowing how common it is for promises to be broken. How people can erase you from their lives just because it’s easier than working things out.

posted 4 years ago

You changed my world with a hug. Don’t ever tell me the little things don’t matter.

posted 4 years ago
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23rd June, 2010


Story of my life.


Story of my life.

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7th June, 2010

A deadness occurs in relationships when people are no longer willing to tell each other how they really feel.

2nd June, 2010

31st May, 2010

Beat the sunrise.

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That’s what I had been cheering at the marathon runners while cycling along the ECP running route at Adidas Sundown Marathon during saturday night. :D

It has been a wonderful experience for me as a volunteer leader at ECP despite all the problems that happened along the way. Though I think I didn’t do well and screwed up somehow, I did try my best. I got to make friends with great people like Denise, Yan Shuang, boss Alvin, Cedric, Pei Wen, Brandon, Xueer, Jia Liang (Gummy Bear), Jie Ying (Pig), Gerald, Rachel as well as the volunteers! :D

I had to thank my director IC Zavier for giving me the chance to be a volunteer leader and for always being there to help me. :) I wanna thank Wei Shyang for moving all my fellow ODACians to ECP just because I wouldn’t have to be there alone. Thanks to boss Alvin, other VLs, directors and volunteers for helping me and making the long night so much more enjoyable! :) I guessed I was having limitless energy despite the lack of sleep and food intake because of them! :D

Have to admit once I almost dozed off while cycling that I crashed into a big tree! AHAHAHA XD Who could resist the silence and the night breeze?

This is the first time I found out that there’re so many problems with runners within a marathon. They demanded ambulance becuase of short beaths and heavy cramps.They wanted to drop out. They stopped by Mac Donald for supper and to take a (long) nap before continuing the race. Well, who knows this may happen to me during Standard Chartered marathon at the end of this year! XD Gonna have to train hard!

I have much respect for ultra marathon runners especially female ones who completed the race with determination and consistency througout. I ran a half marathon last week and can’t imagine 4 times of what I was through. :) I crashed after the event and slept for 6 hours straight before making my way out of bed to go for Dexter’s birthday dinner. XD

Perhaps ASM would be the last event that I volunteer for this year before A level. :( Sad but thanks for the memorable experience and wonderful memories. :)

PS: Thanks JC for the treat and for accompanying me at ECP before the event! :)

16th May, 2010


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The past week was one of the most exhausted weeks in my life :(

I had 3 hours of sleep for 3 nights. 1st was Friday night trying to burn midnight oil. I rushed to Karate class on Sat morning and met Linsay darling and AhPer in the afternoon to collect Race Entry Pack for Passion Run. Now I more or less know why Passion Run is giving out so much goodies. The running singlet’s quality is at its worst! Met Odacians at Lot 1 after that and MRT-ed to NTU. All of us gathered at NTU stadium and the in a sport hall at midnight to talk, take (gay) pictures, play card games and STUDY.

I was having good laughs playing Cross-and-circle games (?) with Tommy and Jason. :D I managed to have a power nap before we were transported in lorries to different venues for facilitating station games at around 5am. My group consisting of Tommy, Yanying, Joshua, Long Ge, ZhengYu, Keith, YingLun, Kang Wei and some NTU guys was in charge of the Bike Station. Though we had to put up with the scorching hot sun, the sticky-dirty feeling due to excessive perspiration, the hunger and thirst, I still had lots of fun with my awesome (joker-) group mates. <3 Job well done guys! :D Everyone was dead tired but we still did some camwhoring towards the end. :) and now I can see the importance of COINS! Every 10 cent coin was so precious. XD

Bused with Aaron and Feini all the way down to Queestown to collect MacDonald Party Takeaway before rushing to Vivo to prepare a surprised Birthday for Yeeching. And guess what? I was in a hurry that I left my race entry pack at the bus stop :((. Feeling so sad nowww.

I felt sorry that I couldn’t prepare a better party and make a prettier B’day card for Yeeching due to time constraint. :(

My nose and head hurt like mad now. I can’t concentrate because my head keeps spinning around. I thought I could be better over the weekend but I feel so much worse. :( Sometimes I feel so miserable that I want to cry but I just can’t! and I have so many complaints these days. Life is hard to be carefree. Well, still I’ll have to try! I shouldn’t complain to anyone. So TUMBLR, thanks for putting up with my non-stop complaining. :)

Oh no, an ultra busy week plus the wait for Friday have started all over again. :( Hope I’ll survive through this week mentally and PHYSICALLY esp. All the best for Physics A Level SPA people!

I miss you and I need you now, KNWK!

and tomorrow is 18th, again :)


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